Slow loaf aims to bake “real” bread, with no additives, enzymes, flour enhancers, or any hidden nastiness.

We use traditional methods that have not altered for hundreds of years, using BRITISH wheat.

Slow loaf makes two types of bread: Sour dough and Yeasted Breads. Sourdoughs are full of health benefits, which may help in maintaining weight and controlling blood sugars. They are full of vitamins and minerals and are likely to be tolerated by people who are wheat intolerant. This is due to the long fermentation process of the dough, which can be up to 72 hours. This ferments away the parts of the wheat that is likely to cause discomfort.

Slow loaf yeasted breads are also made in the traditional way; slowly.
The flour and water are allowed time to develop together, then the yeast is added and time is allowed for the relationship to develop. Finally a small amount of salt is added, usually 0.5% of the recipe total.
The four ingredients are left for any thing up to 6 hours to develop flavour and texture, before finally being baked and left to cool naturally.

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